Courage and Honor

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NOVA Army Gallery

So the NOVA open tends to be a gamer's tournament, so you do get quite a few unpainted, or just horribly painted armies, they tend to be the top armies for some reason. However, there are still quite a few wonderful armies to look at and enjoy, I captured several and just wanted to post them up for you to get a loo as well. Just as a note, the lighting for photographs was horrible, so I did my best. 

My Nova Results

Howdy all,
     Well its been a week since NOVA and wanted to update you all on how I did at the tournament, after some much needed rest. Let me start by saying I really like this event very much overall, it is a different type of tournament than what I usually play, and besides the really great people that is the biggest reason I attend this event. The tournament works as follows; there were 220 people in the grand tournament, with a guaranteed 6 games, and the possibility of getting to play 8 games over three days. Each round played you get paired up  against someone with the same record as you, and after the first four games you get placed in a mini tournament with 16 people, with the same record as you. Now after your games 5 and 6 the top four players from the mini tournaments move onto round 7, and the winners of the round player for their bracket championship.
     Okay so now we know how the tournament works on to me. I did not make it to the finals to start, in fact I did not make it to rounds 6 and 7, oh well. I went 2 - 4 overall on the weekend, with a win in my first game, and a win in my last game. with three of my losses coming in the last part of the turn in the final turns, and i played on major DB (Deutsche Bag).

My army in all its glory
    Below are some pics of my opponents armies and a brief summary. Just a quick couple notes  as well, the lighting in the gaming hall was really bad, so i did the best I could with taking pictures. Also, the NOVA is defiantly a tournament geared toward to gamer, so many of the top armies tend to look like dookie, so be warned.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look Out Nova, Here I come!

Howdy all, Well thanks for following my road to the NOVA open and checking out the until I have been preparing. Here are a couple shots of the whole are just before I packed it up for the trip. I am going to try and post daily blog updates while I am there to let you all see how things are going, I am pretty excited, and ready to play 8 games over three days, and eat some sea food. Enjoy the pics, and keep your figures crossed!

Here come the gaurd!

Howdy all, Well with 6th edition 40K, and more specifically the addition of allies, I get to do something that I really enjoy when it comes to my armies, I get to build them in line with the back ground of the 40k universe. There are tones of stories of Imperial Guard forces battling a losing battle only to have a detachment of space marines fall from the skies to save the day, or a forced alliance of blood angles and Necrons to beat back invading Tyranids. So, as a lot of my gaming friends know, I am a huge Untramarines player, with a LOT of models. That said I could not resist getting a large force of imperial guard together to aid the boys in blue! Below are 23 pictures of the guard I have completed so far, not including the tanks I posted up in the past. Enjoy the pics
Three infantry squads with Autocannons and grenade launchers

Monday, August 27, 2012

The SternGuard

Howdy all, well its been a couple days and I have been painting and playing since my last post. I depart for the NOVA open this Thursday and it will be game on, I'm gonna crush the midfield. Coming up today I am posting up the SternGuard  squad I finished up on Friday. They were the last major painting project for my army, however I still have quite a few bases to complete in the next couple days. Anyway, my SternGuard are one of the key elements in my shock and awe force that drops from the heavens. The squad has three combi plasma, three combi melta, and two heavy flamers. They pack quite a punch when they come down, giving me the ability to punch armor, vaporized a unit, or in some circumstances both, as I can break into combat squads and hit two separate targets. This is in addition to the damage that the warlord adds as he is usually attached to one of the squads. Enjoy the pics, and stay tuned for more.

Full Squad

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The big guy!

Howdy all, Well these are the two HQ choices I have been testing for my trip to the NOVA open. First up we have a Space Marine librarian, and second a Master of the forge.  their role is to drop with my shock and awe units and support them in their destructive role. Now I have been partial to the librarian, due to his psychics and force weapon, but with play testing in sixth, it has been really easy to shut down the powers, and not being able to assault first turn usually see's him withering on the ground dead! After a lengthy conversation with my friend and  gaming buddy Brian Carlson, we decided on a fellow that costs the same and gives me a little more staying power. Enter the Master of the Forge, with a 2+ save, twin linked plasma pistol, flamer, and two powerfist attacks, he is more than up for the task of causing problems. Backed by the fact he can bolster defense's and repair vehicles ( My army is all mech at this point), he is not a bad swap for the same price. After a couple of play test games, he has been a major problem for my oppenents, way more than the librarian. Sooooo, for the NOVA open The master of the Forge shall make his presence felt! Enjoy the pics. 

Both Warlords

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The boys in blues

Howdy all, Well as we are getting closer to the NOVA open, I have decided on two tactical squads with Melta and Multi-Melta options to come cascading down through the heavens in a drop pod; or what I like to call shock and awe! below are the picks of the two squads, one with a fresh new paint job, an one just touched up. Each squad has there own squad markings to identify them, and while each sergeant is painted in the same fashion they are very individualistic also. The roll of these unit is to drop into enemy lines and hurt things, survive-ability not likely, damage inflicted high! So far that has been the case.  their rides will be posted in a couple days as I am still putting the finishing touches on them. Enjoy

Squads together

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tournament testing

Howdy all, Well this weekend I took some of the units you have seen, and some of the one you haven't seen to a tournament at the Chicago battle bunker to get ready for the NOVA open in two weeks. To start off, this tournament was run by the bunker staff, and this has not been done for quite sometime in the bunker. I have to say for a first time running a tournament in quite awhile they did a really great job! They kept to the time schedule, answered any rules questions clearly, and made sure all participants were taken care of, hats off to them. Some of the seasoned tournament players, gave some good input on scenarios and objectives that I feel will be applied to make there next tournament even better. I should also add that there was a really good turnout with a solid field of gamers, and the fact that you did not have to have your army painted made for a nice way to test out units you may be thinking about putting into your tournament lists.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Flight of the Valkyries

Okay so its the flight of two Valkyries and on Vendetta, but you get the idea. So i am very excited to have these things done, I even got squad markings on them. for that matter I put squad markings on all my tanks today. I do think I need to neaten up the edges a bit, maybe with a slightly darker red, or black, what do you think? Below are several pics of the models,Enjoy. As a side note the vendetta will be getting a tournament test tomorrow at the Chicago bunker, with the rest of my vehicles, stay tuned for an update on the out come.
Three flyers 

The big gun

     Here is my big gun in the army, leman Russ battle tank. Its armed with three heavy bolters, and of course the battle cannon. It hits hard, and has been hitting real hard in all my test games so far. it still needs squad markings as well. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The tanks go rolling two by two

       Howdy all, well sixth edition has come out and the army (Grey Knights) that i was planning on taking to the NOVA open has been ditched for now. I decided to go with a couple of armies I knew really well to play in the tournament, that way I don't need to try and remember new rules and a new army. So I have decided to go with Ultramarines and Voystroyans. Below are some pics of the tanks I completed yesterday. I still need to put squad markings on, but probably won't do that until next week. Check back day to day to see the rest of the army pics, and a complete army pic and list in two weeks. Enjoy
Six transports ready for action

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Giganti tribes emerges

           So a few years ago I got this idea about an ogre tribe that was formed around a very successful hunter. This hunter became so successful, that more and more bulls followed him on his hunts, until finally he eventually became a tyrant of sorts, even attracting a which doctor to help search the rune bones for prey to hunt. 
        Well I have now begun the project in full swing. The first unit I am working on, and you will see in various points of progress is a hunter bull squad (ogre bulls). There are 6 in total, each carries a spear, and a bola to better snare their prey. Each spear is created from a standard bearer arm, the bola's come from chaos marauder flails, and all the fur is green stuffed. This is a totally fun project! I plan to have this squad done by the end of next week so stay tuned for pics, until then enjoy the work in progress. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Road to Nova: Beginnings (Grey Knights)

              As mentioned in my previous post, one of my major projects fort he future is my army for the Nova Open this September. Well I have had a love for Grey Knights for about 15 years now, and still have a few of the original grey knight figures (horribly painted though) around. That said I have had an internal battle with myself to do this army as, it is so very popular at the moment, and most everyone has or is playing the army. However, after much hobby soul surfing, and wanting to stay excited in my hobby I have chosen to go with them anyway; I just really like the army, and back story, and models....... you get the idea. 

              Since Adepticon I have busied myself with two projects simultaneously, Grey knights pictured below, and Ogres (previewing tomorrow). I have taken, what I believe, is a different approach to the army.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Future

      Well there is no rest for the weary now is there? I have two more tournaments on the books and several hobby projects to complete this year. So lets see, I will list out the my future plan project by project.

TipCon: This is a small tournament in Indiana that I went to last year and had a really fun time. It is a light field and well run tournament, that I find rather relaxing, and reminds me of the good old rouge trader tournament of old. I am doing nothing fancy, and will be running my Dark Eldar there, so all I really need to do I create a list and take pictures.

Nova Open: This is another  massive gaming tournament in Washington DC, in late August. I attended last year, and it was really fun. For the tournament I have decided to jump on the band wagon and do Grey Knights, but not the spam list we are seeing now. I have had Grey Knights since the day of rouge trader, and just love them, so wanted to do an army. I have created a list that uses all Grey Knights, and utilizes close but heavy fire power, I will begin featuring them in future post soon. That said I have to completely assemble and paint this army. My buddy, Brian Carlson (who is also doing grey knights) and I have found a paint scheme to base the paint scheme on, and are ready to begin. Okay to be fair we already have, assembly that is. This is my number one project.

Ogres: Several years ago I started an ogre army that has a complete Zulu them, lots of spears, fur, and bucklers in this army, aka lots of conversions. The army has several components done and in various stages, but with the new book out, I want to get them finished up. this has second priority to Grey Knights.

Empire and Terrain: If I manage to stick to my timeline, I may be able to get  the terrain and empire built that I have. My empire army is built and painted, I just need to build some new units to come up to speed with the new book. I don't plan on painting the new units for sometime, but want to play with them. And Terrain is always a need, I have lots to build and will get through it slowly, but I have a vision for several tables. These are wishlist items for me

The Manufactorum: This is going to be a great project, lets just say metal gods of war will walk to battle in my gaming room, or maybe yours. To be realistic, this is most probably a next year project, and will take sometime. I'm still excited about it though

Well that sums up the to do list for the next little bit, I am off to work on Grey Knights now, stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adepticon 2012

         Well Another year and another Adepticon, the 10th anniversary this year, down! I had a magnificent weekend gaming against a horde of great gamer's.  I took part in the 40K championship, 40K team tournament, and 40K combat patrol, all with my Dark Eldar.
          So, completing the Dark Eldar took me much longer than I thought it would, they are really tough models to paint well, topped with the fact that I had knee surgery, and took on a major terrain build in the team tournament, I barley made it, but I did make it. I will break down each event one by one, and let me apologize in advance for lack of opponent army pictures, I need to get better at taking them. You will see a bunch from the Nova, I promise.
           Friday held the 40K championship, my army is pictured below, There were 256 players in attendance, and a whole lot of grey knights, lol. Round 1 I played an IG player with......... wait for it...........6 hydras! holy shit is all I thought, I doomed. Well I lost the game but not until turn 7! until then I was winning, and if it would have ended in 5 or 6 I would have won. Great game regardless. Next I played Blood Angles and won, I tabled the army, then had a mirror match against dark Eldar and won that game as well. My final game was against Grey knights, and lost. Pretty much got owned on that one. In the end I went 2 and 2 which was just how I figured I would have done, so was happy, and I placed 40th overall; which I was really, really happy about in a field like that. I have to say one of my biggest rushes was the compliments on my army, and I managed to max out my paint score. It made the hard work worth it.
           Saturday was the team tournament, and again there were lots of grey knight in the field. We played against grey knights three times, and orks once. We pretty much pulled draws the whole day. One of my biggest parts of the team was the building of the display board, and as you will see it is quite massive! I am proud to say that that our team, Chicago Kamikazes Red won best Xenos for the tournament, a fantastic accomplishment! and I give a shout out to my teammates, Brian, Arron, and Matt, well done boys.
          As Sunday came around I was tired and still had combat patrols to play, i was leary. I have to say the combat patrol is the best way to end a tournament ever. I don't really know how I did over all, because I was having such a good time. small armies quick games, and tonnes of laughs; if you never have played in this event you should. Well that quickly summarizes the weekend, and to repeat I had a great time, below are some pics of the table and my army on display.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Barrone

        Introducing The Barron. This is my main HQ in this army. He makes hellions troops, as well as  giving them grenades, skilled rider and stealth. If you run hellions do not leave home with out him. Many times the Barron would begin the game attached to a wrack unit, and detach with there pain token in the first turn of the game, and join the hellions. This would further enhance the already formidable unit with feel no pain; makes them a real bitch to kill when they are in cover.
       I created the Barron from several kits. I used a hellion base, two raider/ravager rutters to extend the skyboard, the head from a dark elf warrior, and the cloak from the high elf wizard from the Isle of Blood set. I have included some unpainted picks so you can see the conversion itself. I used Prince Yierl from the Eldar as my inspiration to create the pose, I figured one cast out price is just like the other.....right?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Look to the skies

           Introducing my biggest unit of the army, my hellions. This unit was also my biggest troop, and  as the army also features the baron as the HQ, the hellions are troops as well. Stay tuned for the baron tomorrow, as he was a project unto himself. The role of my hellions was to capture objectives, and to support where needed and both shooting and hand to hand. There are a total of 14 hellions in the unit, that's 28 splinter pod shots, and a whole lot of str4 hand to hand attacks. When the Barron is attached to the unit, they also gain defensive grenades, skilled rider, and stealth, so you now have a unit with a 3+ cover save, re-rolling dangerous terrain tests (I never lost a model to DT), and removing enemies charge bonuses. This unit preformed fantastic in every single game they played in, and scared the hell out of my opponents.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The fast, and the deadly.... Wyches

Introducing my Wyches. They have a couple roles in the army, They are wound counters to keep the hemoculous alive until the webway drops, capture objectives, secondary anti-armor with their haywire grenades, and a tar pit unit. Unfortunately they usually died a horrible death to shooting, and their raider blowing up before they did anything, pretty much the whole weekend. I think that was the case because they would end up very close to the enemy as the hemoc popped the webway. From a hobby scale I am quite pleased with how they came out, this was my first stab at painting the skin and it took a few attempts to get the effect I was looking for, but I was happy with the final product.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beasts, Beasts everywhere

This unit is by far one of my favorites in the army, and I ran two of them. Introducing the almighty beast packs. This unit is comprised of 3 beast masters, 3 Kymera, and 4 razorwing flocks. each pack comes with 24 rending hits on the charge, the ability to survive las cannon shots with the Kymera invulnerable save, and can reach out and touch someone asap with a move, run, and 12 inch charge.  There role is to engaged. kill, and distract. Most of the time both packs would be held in reserve and enter the game via a webway giving them even better strike range.
 These unit where also the most time consuming for me to complete, I converted the Kymera from plastic warhounds, and hormagaunts, the razorwings are flying ripper swarms from forge world ( they just look better than the lame birds GW has for the flock now), and the beast master are a mix of cold one riders and Dark Eldar warrior bits. This was a great project for me and I could not be happier with the final outcome. Many thanks to Brian Carlson for help with the concepts.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heavy Hitters

Introducing the heavy hitters of my army, RAVAGERS!!!!  Okay the hit hard, but have a glass chin themselves. I ran two ravagers in my list with the sole purpose of anti tank, and they did the job well. They are in my opinion a must have in every Dark Eldar army, but that is just me.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The dead battle on

     Okay not really dead, but they look all jacked up. So, this is my least like unit ever to paint, The are so many little nooks and crannies you could spend a month finding them all (exaggerated of course). The skin requires some real time that I did not have, so I feel they are my suckiest units in the army. I ran two 3 man wrack units and a Homoculous. As for game play they had a couple roles, the homc was used to drop a webway portal, and pass on a pain token, and the wracks were used to pass around pain tokens as well and grab objectives in the backfield. All units preformed well across all games, and I discovered that a homc with a venom blade is no joke, he ended up with some of the craziest kills I have ever had a unit accomplish single handed.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Razorwing, Razorwing, HO!

         I would like to introduce on of my favorite units in my army, the Razorwing jet fighter. This unit had the role of causing carnage where necessary. Equipped with two lances, splinter cannon, and 4 basic missiles, it was a force to contend with. It preformed fantastically in every game but one, when my opponent shot it down turn one, and he went first. He told me after the game that was the scariest unit for him, he was running blood angels. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Raiders abound

        With surgery, Hockey, and the the  NHL hockey playoffs, I suddenly found my self wondering if these bad boys were going to be completed. In fact,up until the Wednesday before the tournament they were bare plastic. Thanks goodness for an understanding wife, and coffee. As you can see I managed to get them done, but not to my complete standard for this army, I need to go back and finish the gems, and for all my vehicles I will be adding the crew, for these, inside and out. In game they had two roles to preform, get the homoculous to a position to place the webway portal, and provide anti tank fire. I can say for certain that one raider did well, and one would crash in flames every game, take a guess. The raider with the homoculous blew up every game, but it did do what it was suppose to do before them. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

And they were born True (Whatever that means)

        Introducing the elite of my Dark Eldar army, my Kalabite Trueborn. To make them standout I used the reaver jetbike helmet heads and gemed them to match the army paint scheme. I ran two squads of three, with two dark lances. There battlefield role was to be a small anti-tank hunter squad. I am pleased to say they did there job well running them in such small squads, and keeping them back and buried in terrain, they pretty much lived every single game, giving me a lot of heavy hitting power.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Venom's anyone

             So I have previously posted some pics of a completed venom but wanted to post a couple pics of them all together. I used four in my list, with two battlefield roles. First they were used to transport my warrior, and wych squads, providing semi-bunkered protection for them ( I say semi, because they are only armor 10), and to provide anti infantry support. two splinter cannons go a long way, and four of them together 48 shots, OUCH! They did really well in all games, I should also note that when they did get shot they usually blew up. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Back, and Dark Eldar warriors

               Hello All! Well I am finally back and blogging again, and over the next few days will introduce you to my complete Dark Eldar Army I have been working on over the last year. To bring the story up to date, I began  painting Dark Eldar last year right after Adepticon, but over that year, I had to complete college, and had a major knee surgery that more or less had me scrambling to get things done; photographs and blogging had to go on the back burner. BUT THAT IS DONE NOW, HAHAHA! 

          With all that going on I did manage to get my Dark Eldar painted, and over the next few days I will introduce you to each unit, there battlefield role, and finally how they, and I did at Adepticon 2012, which just ended this past weekend and was a total blast. Special thanks goes out to my team tournament teammates, and my goto hobby buddy Brian Carlson (also a teammate), for helping me to prep, and get this army done.

           The first unit up to be introduced, has been seen earlier in my blog, but now I know how to take pictures, so wanted to re-post them for completeness. Below are the pics of my warriors squad, I ran two identical squads in the army, there purpose was to objective grab, and be back up armor removal with there blasters.