Courage and Honor

Monday, April 30, 2012

The dead battle on

     Okay not really dead, but they look all jacked up. So, this is my least like unit ever to paint, The are so many little nooks and crannies you could spend a month finding them all (exaggerated of course). The skin requires some real time that I did not have, so I feel they are my suckiest units in the army. I ran two 3 man wrack units and a Homoculous. As for game play they had a couple roles, the homc was used to drop a webway portal, and pass on a pain token, and the wracks were used to pass around pain tokens as well and grab objectives in the backfield. All units preformed well across all games, and I discovered that a homc with a venom blade is no joke, he ended up with some of the craziest kills I have ever had a unit accomplish single handed.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Razorwing, Razorwing, HO!

         I would like to introduce on of my favorite units in my army, the Razorwing jet fighter. This unit had the role of causing carnage where necessary. Equipped with two lances, splinter cannon, and 4 basic missiles, it was a force to contend with. It preformed fantastically in every game but one, when my opponent shot it down turn one, and he went first. He told me after the game that was the scariest unit for him, he was running blood angels. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Raiders abound

        With surgery, Hockey, and the the  NHL hockey playoffs, I suddenly found my self wondering if these bad boys were going to be completed. In fact,up until the Wednesday before the tournament they were bare plastic. Thanks goodness for an understanding wife, and coffee. As you can see I managed to get them done, but not to my complete standard for this army, I need to go back and finish the gems, and for all my vehicles I will be adding the crew, for these, inside and out. In game they had two roles to preform, get the homoculous to a position to place the webway portal, and provide anti tank fire. I can say for certain that one raider did well, and one would crash in flames every game, take a guess. The raider with the homoculous blew up every game, but it did do what it was suppose to do before them. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

And they were born True (Whatever that means)

        Introducing the elite of my Dark Eldar army, my Kalabite Trueborn. To make them standout I used the reaver jetbike helmet heads and gemed them to match the army paint scheme. I ran two squads of three, with two dark lances. There battlefield role was to be a small anti-tank hunter squad. I am pleased to say they did there job well running them in such small squads, and keeping them back and buried in terrain, they pretty much lived every single game, giving me a lot of heavy hitting power.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Venom's anyone

             So I have previously posted some pics of a completed venom but wanted to post a couple pics of them all together. I used four in my list, with two battlefield roles. First they were used to transport my warrior, and wych squads, providing semi-bunkered protection for them ( I say semi, because they are only armor 10), and to provide anti infantry support. two splinter cannons go a long way, and four of them together 48 shots, OUCH! They did really well in all games, I should also note that when they did get shot they usually blew up. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Back, and Dark Eldar warriors

               Hello All! Well I am finally back and blogging again, and over the next few days will introduce you to my complete Dark Eldar Army I have been working on over the last year. To bring the story up to date, I began  painting Dark Eldar last year right after Adepticon, but over that year, I had to complete college, and had a major knee surgery that more or less had me scrambling to get things done; photographs and blogging had to go on the back burner. BUT THAT IS DONE NOW, HAHAHA! 

          With all that going on I did manage to get my Dark Eldar painted, and over the next few days I will introduce you to each unit, there battlefield role, and finally how they, and I did at Adepticon 2012, which just ended this past weekend and was a total blast. Special thanks goes out to my team tournament teammates, and my goto hobby buddy Brian Carlson (also a teammate), for helping me to prep, and get this army done.

           The first unit up to be introduced, has been seen earlier in my blog, but now I know how to take pictures, so wanted to re-post them for completeness. Below are the pics of my warriors squad, I ran two identical squads in the army, there purpose was to objective grab, and be back up armor removal with there blasters.