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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Nova Results

Howdy all,
     Well its been a week since NOVA and wanted to update you all on how I did at the tournament, after some much needed rest. Let me start by saying I really like this event very much overall, it is a different type of tournament than what I usually play, and besides the really great people that is the biggest reason I attend this event. The tournament works as follows; there were 220 people in the grand tournament, with a guaranteed 6 games, and the possibility of getting to play 8 games over three days. Each round played you get paired up  against someone with the same record as you, and after the first four games you get placed in a mini tournament with 16 people, with the same record as you. Now after your games 5 and 6 the top four players from the mini tournaments move onto round 7, and the winners of the round player for their bracket championship.
     Okay so now we know how the tournament works on to me. I did not make it to the finals to start, in fact I did not make it to rounds 6 and 7, oh well. I went 2 - 4 overall on the weekend, with a win in my first game, and a win in my last game. with three of my losses coming in the last part of the turn in the final turns, and i played on major DB (Deutsche Bag).

My army in all its glory
    Below are some pics of my opponents armies and a brief summary. Just a quick couple notes  as well, the lighting in the gaming hall was really bad, so i did the best I could with taking pictures. Also, the NOVA is defiantly a tournament geared toward to gamer, so many of the top armies tend to look like dookie, so be warned.

Opponent 1

 First games of was against the Deathwing. I did really well in this game, and tabled my opponent
My Second Oppenent

His sisters army deployed
 I took a picture of only deployment since his army was not painted. So i lost this game bit just barley. I made a mistake and it cost me in the end. This game was a table quarters game, and I foolishly drop a pod behind that bunker trying to be grand, that was stupid. Coteaz and his three Jakero wasted the squad. If I just would have dropped them into the quaderant witht he building and destroyed the sisters squad there I would have won. I also learned Celestine in a pain, I killed her five times in this game, she was a problem as well. Jeremy ended up losing in round 7 to Tony Kopach (tournament winner) this was a really fun game.

Opponent 3

His glorious Eldar army
 Ryan and I had a really great game, I handed out a lot of damage. making many units run, and vanish from the table. Ryan had some really bad reserve rolls, or fortunate depending on how you look at it, and in turn 4, our last turn, his last three Eldar jet bikes auto came in at the bottom of the turn and turbo charged on the only object i could not capture. this tied us the primary objective..grrr. and he won the secondary by one kill point. Another great game, and hard loss. Ryan also went on to lose in the 7th round, and Alex something, a great pink necron army.

My next game, game 4 is to be expunged from my memory, so we will not discuss it any further, I lost.

My game 5 was against last years second place tournament winner, Allan Hernandez. Unfortunately the pictures of his army did not come out so I can't post them. Allan also played Eldar, And we had another great game. I lost int he last turn when his reaver jet bike squad turbo charged over a five man tactical squad to contest an object to tie the primary, and ended up killing the whole squad with my lovely armour save rolls. this kill put him up by one kill point again an netted him the win, grrrrrr. was a fun game though.

Game 6 opponent 

Draigo wing
Mike was my final opponent of the tournament, and he was running a lovely painted Draigo wing. This was a table quarter game, and I won it on the secondary object, using my mobility to avoid  mr nasty and his funky bunch, tie the quarters, and capture 3 of the 5 objectives. was a fun game, and we were both really tired after some many game splayed that day.

Well there you have it my, my 2012 NOVA track record, I really like this event, plan to go again next year, and had a great time. I do think though for next year, I am going to make and army specifically for this tournament, as i think if I would have done that this year I would have done a little better.

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