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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adepticon Dark Eldar Team Table (pt.1)

Adepticon is a massive gaming convention, run by gamer's for gamer's. It is by far one of the coolest gaming events I have aver been to. The amount of great armies and display boards for viewing is astronomical, to say the least. One of the coolest things at this event is the 40k team tournament, which I have the great pleasure of taking part in this up coming year with "The Chicago Kamikazes", Check them out here, in the team event. Every year certain ambitious teams go so far as to make an eye popping display table to display their teams armies. These tables tend to be battle scenes, or something form the Warhammer 40k universe, and in most cases they will drop your jaw to the floor as you gaze upon them. Well this year the Kamikazes have decided to join the ranks of the ambitious, and as you will see, its real ambitious! We have decide to build a portion of the Dark City centered around a Gladiatorial Colosseum.

Now you may think "okay a big Colosseum", But now let me take you on an imaginary journey that the Kamikazes are trying to make a reality. Imagine a table that is only 18 inches wide, but 8 feet long. Make a 90 degree turn and add another 8 feet of table; In the certer corner of the table is a massive Colosseum, with massive viewing windows, that leer over the gladiatorial field, pits, and platforms. A massive pleasure barge has pulled in over the arena, balanced gracefully between massive spires, with powerful Archon's watching the spectacles from their loft peaks above. As you leave the Colosseum, you will pass over the landing pavilions and into the dense and dangerous dark city itself, you will quickly find yourself lost in a maze of sinister towers and buildings, and right smack in the middle of a Dark Eldar Kabal war. As you try to take shelter form the fury of battle you will find yourself moving to the subterranean levels, and even more death! You have now entered the even Darker underworld, with all of its dark minions and secrets.

Well that was mouthful! As you will see for the pictures and future updates, we are building a two level table that brings to life the story you just read. We have just begun construction but already the excitment and ideas are following, below is the concept sketch ( bare with the artist, thank you), and some photos of the progress. Enjoy!

Not he best of sketches but it works for me, to get the basics in place. As you can see it is big, and two levels.

Here you get to see the start of the Colosseum, and its leering viewing windows. We plan on painting the windows onto the foam board. In the very corner you can see a triangular hole, this area is going to have some form of beam, or rock jutting out of it to the center of the Colosseum, with two hang platforms for combatants to battle on as well.

In this photo you can see the start of the landing Pavilion, and a cut away of the wall where you see an entrance into the area under the Colosseum.

Showing off the landing pavilion with a raider docked to it.

This picture is suppose to give you as sense of the scale we are working at, and the leering feeling from the Colosseum. You can also get a glimpse of the lower level, at this time all full of drop off we may use, lol.

And finally besides myself ( who is taking the photo)here are two fellow Kamikazes that help start the skeleton, Matt and Arron. We worked for three hours and just wanted to get a skeleton up. I think we did that, we plan to work at least once a week on the project, but may get a few more days in randomly. I will keep you up dated.

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