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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dark Eldar Battle Report

Over the last few months I have been working with a group of fellas that I have committed to playing in the Adepticon team tournament with in 2012. We as a team, The Chicago Kamikazes, have decided to run Dark Eldar as a whole, forming two unique teams to take part in the tournament. Over the last few months, my teammates and myself have had many discussions on what works best, and what our individual armies should look like. The basic format for an individual army on a team look like this:
  • 1 HQ
  • 1-3 Troop
  • 0-1 Elite
  • 0-1 Fast Attack
  • 0-1 Heavy
There are a couple of rules that allow for certain members of the team to expand certain organization slots, but everyone has the basic guidelines. Well after much discussion and listening to many current Dark Eldar players, we came up with the following basic roster.
  • 1 Sucubus w/Agoniser
  • 2 5 man warrior squads w/blaster, mounted in Venom with extra splinter cannon
  • 1 8 woman wych squad w/ hydra gauntlet, mounted in Raider with flicker field
  • 1 3 man trueborn squad w/ two dark lances, mounted in Venom with extra splinter cannon
  • 1 beast squad w/ 4 beast masters, 5 Kymeria, and 6 razorwings.
  • 1 Ravager
That is roughly a thousand points. Each team member has a slightly modified list, and a couple of Hemoculus have been put in place of sucubus, but each army has that general layout. Very exciting.

This past Weekend I got to try out the list and see how it functioned for the first time, for the most part. Okay to be fair I played 1500 points so added two extra units.I replaced the sucubus with and Archon and court in raider, and a Razorwing fight. If you have looked through my blog you will find a post about the fighter versus the ravager, so I had to include it.

We played a dawn of War scenario, with kill points, and objectives being the objectives for the game. My opponent played a heavy infantry, Necron army, and won the roll to take first turn. After his deployment, I decided to not deploy any units on the table, and bring on all my units on in the first turn. I will save you the play by play of the game and just summarize it, and point out key points of the game.
  • After my opponent moved the rest of his army on the table, he was set up very evenly across the board with his strongest unist in the center of the table. I moved on heavily from the his right, in an attempt to over whelm that side and sweep up the flank after.
  • I deployed my Massive beast unit, and jet fighter on his left flank, to deal with two scarab swarms and a unit of warriors coming up that side, and then close on the center of the filed. I have no picture of the unit as I am in the process of building them and I used proxies for this game.
  • I managed to eradicate my opponents right side with combined fire from the Venom's and Wych's. and a little help from the Archon and crew, which are quite nasty I might add, but I will cover them in a separate post.

  • My Beast unit was highly effective in dealing with enemy units, on the charge I was getting 36 rending attacks from the razorwings alone, WOW!
  • Massed splinter fire cannon fire just rolls through units! was very nice.
  • In this game I have to give the win to the ravager in Fighter versus Ravager, as my fighter scattered its missiles horrifically of target, otherwise I think it would have been close. My ravager hit on average with two lances a turn. both units were not very effective against infantry heavy Necrons.
  • The Archon unit is really nice, I killed a tomb spider in one swipe.

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