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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dark Eldar

With the Nova Open said and done, it is time to turn my full attention to my next big event, Adepticon 2012. This year I am being really ambitious and have joined a 40k team, " The Chicago Kamikazes"; You can check out the blog here This is an eight man team, that will create two four man teams for the team tournament at Adepticon this year. I am also going to probably play in the 40k championship as well this year, in both events I plan on running Dark Eldar......

The Dark Eldar are a very different army than I am used to playing (Space Marines), but I really excited fort he challenge. I have been testing out units and list with my teammates for a couple of months now, and I think I have a basic feel for the army; Well see right.....
To kick things off I am posting up a Dark Eldar warrior test model so everyone can get a feel for the upcoming army, and as I am seeing, I need to get closer to take my pictures, but this gives you a feel.

As you can see I have gone with a green for the armor with lighter green highlights, with a yellowish gun, I use a light grey to break up the model and give it some definition. I am pretty happy with the test model, now to see how a unit looks, and do some test bases. The paint Pallet is as follows:
  • Knarloc Green for armor
  • Camo Green first highlight
  • Rotting Flesh final highlight
  • Iyanden Darksun for Gun
  • Macharious Solar Orange fro the gems
  • Astronomican grey for helmet and tabard
  • White highlight on grey.
  • Thraka Green wash on armor (60 water/ 40 wash)

So far it has been a easy paint scheme, and I have on my painting table the rest of the unit and there vehicle to finish this week. I will update when done. On top of painting my new army we as a team are also building a very elaborate display table, that's right table, to display our entire team armies on. I have to say we have just begun building the frame work of the table and it is really exciting, but I will save the details for the next post, with some good pictures as well. Stay tuned...

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  1. Jeff, it looks really good, but the picture is small so I'm having a hard time seeing the detail.