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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adepticon 2012

         Well Another year and another Adepticon, the 10th anniversary this year, down! I had a magnificent weekend gaming against a horde of great gamer's.  I took part in the 40K championship, 40K team tournament, and 40K combat patrol, all with my Dark Eldar.
          So, completing the Dark Eldar took me much longer than I thought it would, they are really tough models to paint well, topped with the fact that I had knee surgery, and took on a major terrain build in the team tournament, I barley made it, but I did make it. I will break down each event one by one, and let me apologize in advance for lack of opponent army pictures, I need to get better at taking them. You will see a bunch from the Nova, I promise.
           Friday held the 40K championship, my army is pictured below, There were 256 players in attendance, and a whole lot of grey knights, lol. Round 1 I played an IG player with......... wait for it...........6 hydras! holy shit is all I thought, I doomed. Well I lost the game but not until turn 7! until then I was winning, and if it would have ended in 5 or 6 I would have won. Great game regardless. Next I played Blood Angles and won, I tabled the army, then had a mirror match against dark Eldar and won that game as well. My final game was against Grey knights, and lost. Pretty much got owned on that one. In the end I went 2 and 2 which was just how I figured I would have done, so was happy, and I placed 40th overall; which I was really, really happy about in a field like that. I have to say one of my biggest rushes was the compliments on my army, and I managed to max out my paint score. It made the hard work worth it.
           Saturday was the team tournament, and again there were lots of grey knight in the field. We played against grey knights three times, and orks once. We pretty much pulled draws the whole day. One of my biggest parts of the team was the building of the display board, and as you will see it is quite massive! I am proud to say that that our team, Chicago Kamikazes Red won best Xenos for the tournament, a fantastic accomplishment! and I give a shout out to my teammates, Brian, Arron, and Matt, well done boys.
          As Sunday came around I was tired and still had combat patrols to play, i was leary. I have to say the combat patrol is the best way to end a tournament ever. I don't really know how I did over all, because I was having such a good time. small armies quick games, and tonnes of laughs; if you never have played in this event you should. Well that quickly summarizes the weekend, and to repeat I had a great time, below are some pics of the table and my army on display.

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