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Friday, August 17, 2012

Flight of the Valkyries

Okay so its the flight of two Valkyries and on Vendetta, but you get the idea. So i am very excited to have these things done, I even got squad markings on them. for that matter I put squad markings on all my tanks today. I do think I need to neaten up the edges a bit, maybe with a slightly darker red, or black, what do you think? Below are several pics of the models,Enjoy. As a side note the vendetta will be getting a tournament test tomorrow at the Chicago bunker, with the rest of my vehicles, stay tuned for an update on the out come.
Three flyers 

Best shot of flyers

Front Vendetta

Top Vendetta 

Side Vendetta, look at that cool heavy bolter poking out! they can slide inside if I don't want to use them.

Front Valkyrie

Side Valkyrie

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